Introducing the All-New Listing Metrics

An all-new version of Listing Metrics is now available from your CONNECT dashboard (in the REcolorado Stats | News | Reports section). Check out the new icon, watch the video below, and read on.

Stats News section


So, What’s New?

We took your feedback and made a good thing even better. In addition to a more modern interface, you can now

1) see a listing’s activity from, IDX, and syndication sites in a combined graph. No need to toggle between sources! There are four graphs on your homepage that divide the activity into sections: views, inquiries, saves, and shares. Here is an example of views:

View All Sources


2) see stats on a listing for a customized timeframe. No more set timeframes; choose what works for you!

Customized TimeFrame


3) customize your seller’s report by picking and choosing the topics you want to include. Just think of all the relevant information you can now provide your clients! And if you don’t want to include something, simply uncheck it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Did you have seller’s reports set up in the previous version of Listing Metrics? If so, you’ll need to re-setup those clients to receive reports in the new tool. If you didn’t already have seller’s reports set up, this is the perfect time to learn how! Click here.

Custom Report


4) see historical activity and performance on off-market properties.


We hope you enjoy the new and improved tool! Stay tuned for new content each week that takes you inside a specific section of Listing Metrics and how you can apply that section to your work. To get a jump on learning the product, visit the REcolorado Learning Center and scroll down to the Online Training Resources and Help Center section to view the Listing Metrics video.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Customer Care. Interested in setting up a demo for your office? Have your managing broker contact their account manager.

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