Take Another Look at Instanet – An REcolorado Strategic Partner

Whether you’re new to the business or been around the block a time or two, you likely know the name Instanet. With its suite of integrated products designed to streamline any real estate process from start to finish, Instanet Solutions has been a leading provider of real estate technology for more than 25 years.


Thanks to ongoing enhancements to its products and services, Instanet Solutions continues to grow, recently announcing record growth, client retention and system usage. Additionally, Instanet has made updates to its products, making them more user-friendly and mobile ready.


Instanet is an REcolorado strategic partner with an integration in Matrix and CONNECT. This means you can quickly access Instanet products with just one click.  Just look for the Instanet Icon. One click will take you directly to your Instanet Agent Dashboard to access TransactionDesk and InstanetForms.

Instanet Icon on REcolorado home listing


To learn more about Instanet products, visit REcolorado Marketplace or contact one of our Customer Care agents at support@REcolorado.com.