How to Use ‘Instagram Stories’ as Real Estate Ads

By Hannah Graham with

Instagram, like real estate brokers, enjoy’s helping people create narratives to build emotional connections.

As Instagram has grown into a social media giant, it has evolved in allowing people to create and share their own “Stories.” With Instagram Stories, you can create 15-second long snippets of pictures and videos that are only available for 24 hours. Whether you want to show a 15-second sneak peek of an open house or a new listing you just acquired, the possibilities are endless in terms of promoting your business. Find out how to use Instagram Stories to boost your business and discover tips to help you stand out below!

New Features

Instagram Stories has been connecting friends for years, but now businesses can join the fun by sponsoring ads that will appear in users’ streams. Any company that sets up a business profile can take advantage of this feature to use the content-publishing options, target specific audiences, and create calls to action.

Best Practices

Stories are pretty simple and easy to use, but there are some best practices to follow when creating your post. The first segment of your story should be visually appealing and should grab your viewer’s attention. Also, keep in mind that Instagram Stories has traditionally been used to share personal, behind-the-scenes looks into the poster’s life. It’s also critical to have some kind of call to action. Making your final slide say something like “swipe up for more information” is a good way to send leads to your company website or landing page.

It’s also important to include your brand name at some point in the story to shows viewers who they’re watching and to develop a connection between your brand and your content. You can accomplish this by wearing your company shirt or standing in front of your logo.

Finally, your content needs to be relevant to your viewers. Try sharing a tip, offering a sneak peek at a how-to guide, or taking viewers for an inside look at your business. Instagram Stories advertising is immediate and time-sensitive, so if you’re releasing it around a holiday, try focusing your content on something suitable for the season.

Real Estate Applications

Real estate agents can use Instagram Stories to share a sneak peek of a new listing or to share shots from an open house they’re hosting. Users also love to know what happens behind the scenes at a company. Snap pictures of new marketing materials, introduce a new agent, or share footage of a recent office birthday party. Remember to include a call-to-action at the end of your story to send viewers to a landing page where you can capture their contact information. Something as simple as “swipe up to find more homes like this” or “swipe up to find your dream home” will serve your purpose.

Instagram Stories is a great way to promote your brand and your listings, but don’t forget your other social channels. Need help managing your social presence?’s social media experts are here to help. Social Fuel is for real estate professionals who want to better connect and engage with their audience. Find out how we can help.

Originally published October 15, 2020 — Updated March 29, 2021