Insights March 25, 2015

Matrix Enhancements

Matrix has new enhancements we think you’re going to like! Many of the new features in this release were requested by brokers, including:

  • View and edit default text for Welcome Email and recurring Auto Email updates.
  • Customizable salutation in the Client Portal for each contact
  • Remembering your BCC and concierge alert email preferences
  • Quick access to edit your listings from the My Listings Menus under My Matrix > My Listings
  • Ability to add a My Active Listings link to your Client Portal welcome tab

To read more about the Matrix 6.10 Release, see our Product Enhancement Notes.

REcolorado Syndication Program Launching Soon

No matter your strategy, REcolorado wants to give you the ability to decide where each of your listings is displayed. We are currently developing the REcolorado Syndication Program that will launch in mid-April. For more information on this program, read our recent blog post, Syndication – Your Listing, You Decide.

Enhancement to Auto Email Settings

The Matrix 6.10 Release brings changes to your auto email settings that will help you customize the emails you send to clients. When saving a new auto email, you can now view and edit both the Welcome Email and Recurring Email default text. You can also enter a message for the Welcome Email that is different from the Recurring Email messages, and even specify a message as your default text.

*Note: Custom text entered in existing auto emails will not be affected by this enhancement.

For more info on this enhancements, see our Product Enhancement Notes.


How To Add My Active Listings Link in Client Portal

You now have the option to add a link in your Client Portal to view your active listings. To add the link, follow the steps below.

  1. Under the My Matrix tab, click My Information
  2. Choose the Portal Information tab
  3. Click the My Active Listings box, and then Save

*Note: Brokers have the ability to add the My Active Listings Link. Managing Brokers and Participants also have the option to add the My Office Active Listings link.






REcolorado Courses to Help You Manage Your Time

“Remember that time is money” is a very famous quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin. A recent article in Realty Times applies this conventional wisdom to the real estate industry by providing some great tips for managing your time. Learning to efficiently use the products offered by REcolorado can also save you time and help you get your work done with ease. Curious which classes can help you better manage your time? [Read more…]

Denver’s Booming Real Estate Industry

Curious about the most popular places to live in Denver? The city’s real estate keeps growing and it’s important to know the locations your clients may be interested in! To gain insight on which Denver neighborhoods to keep an eye on, watch this short video

DMAR Excellence Awards

Are you attending the DMAR Excellence Awards on April 1? This is the largest REALTOR® award event in Colorado, you don’t want to miss it! Come celebrate and network with your REALTOR peers. For more info on this event, visit here.

Xplode Conference

The Xplode Conference is coming to Colorado Springs on Monday, April 20! Xplode is a great opportunity for real estate professionals to learn about tech/marketing updates that can help further your business. Get your event pass now!