Insights April 08, 2015 – Syndication Edition

REcolorado Syndication Program Launches Tomorrow!

We are excited to announce the launch of the REcolorado Syndication Program on April 9.

Managing Brokers – Tomorrow, you will need to go to Office Syndication Settings to open channels to members of your office. Channels need to be opened as soon as possible so they will be available for your brokers and agents in the Matrix Internet Display tab. Read our How To document for quick and easy instructions.

Listing Brokers – You will have an “Internet Display” tab to complete in Matrix. Using the settings in this tab, you can determine where and when each of your listings is syndicated. Beginning tomorrow, you can complete the Internet Display tab for all active listings—existing and new. Settings will be effective on April 20. Until then, listings will be syndicated as they are now. Please read our How To document for more information.

REcolorado’s Syndication Program is designed to put syndication decisions in the hands of the listing broker. At this time, and ListHub are available as syndication choices. We will form partnerships with additional syndication channels/publishers who will maintain data accuracy, fair display, listing broker prominence, and limit derivative products.

Read here for more information on the REcolorado Syndication Program.

How to Choose Syndication Channels in Matrix Listing Input

Starting tomorrow, you can choose where you want each of your listings syndicated using the new Internet Display tab in Matrix. This tab is required and only available on Residential Attached, Residential Detached, Land, and Income listings. Syndication choices become available in the Internet Display tab after they have been opened by managing brokers.

The Internet display tab includes the following sections:

  • Internet Display – Confirm you want your listing displayed on the Internet including IDX websites and Setting “Internet display of listings” to “No” means your listing will not be available on or IDX sites.
  • Syndication Resources – Information you can use to make syndication choices.
  • Listing Syndication Settings – Select syndication channels for your listing based on the options your managing broker has made available to you. Use the Listing Syndication Date field to choose the date you want your listing to be sent to syndication channels. This setting lets you choose to have your listing displayed locally, on IDX websites and REcolorado first. This date will default to April 20, the projected date syndication feeds will start.
  • Confirm Internet Display and Syndication Settings – Check the box to confirm your selections on this tab. This field is required regardless of the other settings you have chosen on this tab.

Have questions? Read our How To document or give Customer Care a call at 303.850.9613, option 1.

What can I do if syndication channels are not available in listing input?

Tomorrow Managing Brokers will have the ability to make syndication channels available to brokers and agents in their offices. These channels will appear in the Matrix Internet Display Tab. If your Managing Broker has not yet selected channels for your office, you will see a message indicating no channels are available. If you see this message, please contact your Managing Broker.

*Note: You can still input your listing if your Managing Broker has not yet made channels available to your office. Please return back to your listing input and complete the Internet Display tab once the channels are available.

Can I select syndication channels for active listings that were entered before today?

Yes. Once your managing broker has opened syndication channels to your office, you will be able to select syndication channels for each of your active listings. If you want to syndicate your listing, be certain to make selections for each of your listings by April 20. Read our How To document for step by step instructions.

When will my syndication choices go into effect?

The target date for your syndication settings to go into effect is April 20. This is the date your listings will be sent only to the syndication channels you selected in Matrix. Until then, your listings will go to ListHub and Please be certain all of your active listings have syndication channels selected by April 19.

Syndication Resources

We know you are excited to make listing-by-listing syndication choices! We have resources that can help you learn more about the REcolorado Syndication Program. Visit the links below for important info and tips to get you started!

Syndication How To Documents

Syndication Help Pages

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DMAR Excellence Awards

Last week, DMAR recognized its top performers at their 2015 Excellence Awards. REcolorado extends congratulations to the winners of the awards! Your hard work does not go unnoticed. See here for a full list of the 2015 Excellence Awards winners.

Xplode Conference

The Xplode Conference is coming to Colorado Springs on Monday, April 20! Xplode is a great opportunity for real estate professionals to learn about tech/marketing updates that can help further your business. Get your event pass now!