INRIX – Driving More Traffic To Your Listings

You may have heard about INRIX Drive Time – the tool that helps determine commute times between two locations based on real-time traffic information. But, did you know that it is now integrated with both and Matrix?

INRIX Drive Time goes beyond other traffic calculation tools that simply provide the distance to a chosen location in miles or travel times based on traveling the speed limit, to provide users with drive times based on real-time traffic information. This is an especially strong draw for consumers. This features attracts new homebuyers to every day. And, more visitors to the site means more eyes on your listings and more leads to you.

Furthermore, agents and brokers have the ability to pre-qualify homes for clients based on drive time. This helps speed up the purchase process for both the agent and the home buyer by avoiding wasted time looking at homes that don’t fit the buyer’s preferred drive time to work or any other location. For more info, take a look at these blog posts about INRIX Drive Time in Matrix and how INRIX Drive Time Means a Shorter Sales Cycle.