How to Enter and Search for Parking Spaces

Overthinking things on the Parking tab in REcolorado Matrix can lead you down the rabbit hole. Don’t be an Alice. When you input accurate information, it helps agents and consumers find the listings they want!

REcolorado Real Estate Listing Input Parking Spaces
How to Enter Parking Spaces

If you’re adding a listing in REcolorado Matrix for the first time, look at all the options on all the tabs so you can make the choices that best fit the home you’re listing. Specifically, for the Parking tab, scrolling through the entire list of Parking Features and Parking Types will help you understand what’s available. For example, there is a difference between a Carport and a Garage, and both options are available under Parking Type. Be sure to select the correct one!

Question: You’re entering a detached single-family home. The home has a two-car attached or detached garage, a driveway, and space on the street in front of the house. How many total parking spots are there?

Answer: Two. You should only count the garage spaces. Don’t go down the rabbit hole, Alice. The driveway spaces are implied if it’s a two-car garage. They should not be included in the total count. The street parking can be used by anyone in the neighborhood at any time. That means they are NOT designated parking spaces for that specific property and should not be included in the total count.

Pro Tip

Select ‘Community Parking Garage’ from the Parking Type drop-down menu if you’re listing a property, such as a townhome, where you’d like to indicate there is a community garage available in addition to spots that are deeded to the property. If the available community parking space is a parking lot, be sure to select the ‘Parking Lot’ option, NOT the garage option.

Important Note: Based on your feedback, we’ve added a ‘No Street Parking ’ option to the Restrictions & Covenants section under the Association tab. The ‘No Street Parking’ option is NOT a parking type, but rather a rule enforced by a community or HOA, which is why it’s only available under the Additional Association Information section.

REcolorado Real Estate Listing Parking Spaces Search
How to Search for Parking Spaces

To include Parking in your search criteria, click on the ‘Additional Fields Add’ button on the bottom of the search form. Then, under Available Fields, scroll down to ‘Parking Features’ and ‘Detailed Parking.’ Highlight those options and then click ‘Add.’ When finished, click the ‘Back’ button located at the bottom of that form.

Now that you’ve added those fields, you can customize your search based on those fields. In the Parking Features section, you can select multiple options on the list by using the Control key (or Command key on Mac) on your keyboard. Additionally, you can use the radio buttons ‘And,’ ‘Not’ and ‘Or’ located directly below the field to include or exclude terms. If you need assistance with the ‘Not’ button, here’s how to Conduct a Search Excluding Specific Words.

The Detailed Parking section is helpful if you’re looking for a specific parking type, such as an Attached or Detached Garage. You can add multiple rows of search terms by clicking the gray ‘More’ button.

Use the ‘Parking Total’ field (see screenshot) if you want to search for total spaces or total spaces for a specific type. For example, you want two Garage spaces, but don’t care if it’s in an attached garage or a detached garage. You can also use the ‘Parking Total’ field if you want to include a Parking Type. For example, if you want to include Carport, type ‘1’ in the ‘ # of Spaces’ field after selecting Carport as a ‘Parking Type.’

Important Note: You will not need to add the ‘Parking Total’ field from the ‘Additional Fields’ list to search this way. It is already included in the search form as it is a required field (see below the (R) next to ‘Parking Total’).

Pro Tip

Earlier in this article, we clarified how to accurately enter spaces. Use that logic to help you search for the total number of spaces and the type desired. It’s good to keep in mind that some homes have both an Attached and a Detached Garage. So, for example, if you’re looking solely for an Attached Garage with three spaces, be sure to specify only Attached Garage under ‘Parking Type,’ in addition to specifying the number of total parking spaces you need.

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