The ‘Inman Innovator’ Tools You Have That Others Don’t

In addition to providing a powerful MLS system that works for you—the real estate professionals across Colorado—REcolorado is committed to providing you affordable access to innovative business tools you can easily adopt to help you better serve your current clients and continue to gain new clients. We’re constantly evaluating the latest and greatest tech to hit the market, and negotiating partnerships to immediately get it into your tool belts. In many cases, these partnerships aren’t just partnerships, but exclusive partnerships in Colorado, meaning REcolorado subscribers are the only Colorado real estate professionals who have access to the technology. This includes Remine and ArriveHome, both of which are innovative tools exclusively available to REcolorado subscribers, both of which are 2018 Inman Innovator Finalists, both of which help you stay at the center of the real estate transaction, and both of which are leading us all into the future of real estate.

Innovate or Bust

Colorado has rapidly become a fast-paced market where homes are flying off the shelves. Consumers need the expertise and guidance of local real estate professionals now more than ever. And with national companies swooping in with tempting proposals, it’s up to local professionals to help consumers understand the value of using a local expert. That means we all must think outside the box on how to keep real estate professionals at the center of the transaction because status quo is no longer an option. That’s exactly what the innovative, forward-thinking technology companies like Remine and ArriveHome are accomplishing. Designed by real estate professionals with decades of market knowledge, these are arguably the innovative solutions that are going to keep real estate agents relevant.


Created right here in Denver by a local broker, ArriveHome launched for REcolorado subscribers first and has since expanded by popular demand to California and Arizona. It is the first mobile app that immediately connects a homebuyer with a nearby and available agent for an instant home showing. Wait just a gosh darn minute here. An instant home showing?! You can’t hail us like we’re Uber drivers! Ah, but remember what we just talked about in the paragraph above? Go back and reread. We’ll wait.

If there has ever been a time to think outside the box, it’s now. Gone are the days where consumers could wait a few hours to see a home. It’s literally now or never. You want to be where the potential homebuyers are, and you need to be ready when they want to see a home. Accomplish both with ArriveHome.

Hmm, is it safe? Seems like I’m just putting myself out there. Safety should always be top of mind for real estate professionals, which is why ArriveHome has built-in safety features.

So, are you ready to give it a try? After all, it’s not a 2018 Inman Innovator Finalist for nothing. Visit or download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. ArriveHome is exclusively available to REcolorado subscribers. No other Colorado real estate professionals have access to the app. Cost for agents is $19.95/month. Free for consumers.

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Information is easily accessible these days because of the internet. But that’s not a bad thing! Many technology companies across multiple business industries have developed ways to collect the data and create systems that help users find new ways to solve problems. In the real estate industry, that’s Remine.

Remine is an easier and faster way for you to be productive because it helps you target your marketing efforts. From MLS data to public records to mailing lists and more, it’s the information you use daily, except it’s combined into one map-based platform. You can use map filters like Sell Score, Ownership Time, as well as Home Equity to quickly narrow down the top prospective targets within your farm area. Find potential buyers and sellers faster. Additionally, decrease the likelihood you’ll waste time on door knocking, as well as money on tons of expensive flyers.

Remine is available now from your REcolorado CONNECT dashboard. The Starter package is included with your REcolorado subscription, which means you can use it without paying anything extra! Here are some tips to get you headed in the correct direction. Paid plans are available if you want access to additional features.

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Want a better work-life balance? Showami is another innovative tech tool that just hit the market. When you can’t make a showing, call in a licensed sub without fear of losing your client or commission.