3 Helpful Homesnap Pro Webinars

Homesnap—the REcolorado app—has increased the frequency of its training webinar program so the webinars now occur several times a month. Register now to learn how to download and launch the app, and how to use it.

Getting Started: Downloading & Launching Homesnap Pro

This webinar is for anyone who does not have Homesnap on their device or has had any outstanding issues with downloading and/or logging in to the app. This is a step-by-step guide to getting and launching the Homesnap app on your device. We will start with getting the Homesnap app from the App Store or Google Play Store and cover claiming your MLS ID and adding/updating your profile photo. Register >>

Homesnap Pro 101

A live and interactive training webinar hosted by our Agent Trainer. Topics cover the basics of using Homesnap as a Homesnap Pro agent. You will learn about listings and search, sharing, messaging, setting the agent-only Safety Timer. Learn how to create a Rapid CMA, and how to invite your sphere, as well as best practice agent tips. Please make sure that you have downloaded the app. You’ll also want it open with the Pro Agent Tab visible, prior to the start of the webinar. Register >>

Office Hours with a Homesnap Pro

A live and interactive training webinar hosted by our Agent Trainer. Topics include more advanced features of Homesnap for Homesnap Pro agents. Please have the app downloaded and open with the Pro Agent tab visible prior to the start of the webinar. This webinar is appropriate for users who are already familiar with the Homesnap app. Upon registering, you can submit any questions you may have and we will address them during the webinar. You will also learn tips on using the app with buyers and sellers, as well as a more in-depth look at snapping, favorites and sharing listings, messaging, customizing backend marketing, and more. Register >>