Homesnap Tips Straight from You

Wow, you ask great questions! So good, in fact, we want to share them along with the answers.  We’ve collected the top 5 Homesnap questions and have turned them into a list of 5 tips that will help you love the app even more.  

1. School Information at Your Fingertips!

Question: Can I use Homesnap to access school information such as which elementary schools feed into the local high school?

Answer: It’s your lucky day…yes! To access feeder school information and more for your client, simply click the school name from the Local Schools section on the listing.

2. Getting to know your neighbors

Question: Can I use Homesnap to get a look at nearby houses and how they are maintained?

Answer: Of course! Homesnap can help you be the local expert by giving you information you can share with your clients about nearby homes and how they are being cared for. Simply touch the Street View button located at the top of the listing, and you can view the neighborhood and surrounding properties.

3. Searching by List Date

Question: Can I search for properties by the date they were listed to see homes that are new to the market today or in the past week?

Answer: Absolutely. Homesnap makes it easy to find newly-listed homes so you can be the first to show them to your clients. To filter your search by the list date, click the “Filter” button on the right side of the search bar and then Date. Under the List Date heading, select the time period you would like to use to filter your search.

4. Notification Settings

Question: Can I set up Homesnap to send an email notification when one of my clients or contacts has sent me a message within the app?

Answer: Yes you can! You can customize your notification settings to best fit your business style. Just click the “Me” button. Then click the spoked wheel in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. From there, click Notifications. Under the Messages heading, click the Email button to turn on email notifications.

5. Mortgage and Net Sheet Calculators!

Question: Does Homesnap include a mortgage calculator and a net sheet calculator?

Answer: Sure does!  To access the Mortgage and Net Sheet calculators within Homesnap, click the “Me” button. Then, from your branded Homesnap page, click More, which can be found beneath the three dots icon. Both the Mortgage and Net Sheet Calculators can be found under the Utilities section.

Have any additional questions about Homesnap? Please feel free to contact our customer care department at 303.850.9576 option 1 or