New HOA-Related Enhancements in Matrix

We’ve customized Matrix to meet the needs of real estate professionals across Colorado. In fact, customization is one of the many benefits of Matrix. Take note of these recent enhancements to HOA-related fields.

Listing Input: Community Tab Updates

On the Community tab of listing input for all property types, various updates have been made for HOA-related fields. These changes have been made based on your feedback, as well as input from DORA (Department of Regulatory Agencies) regarding fees that could be charged as part of the property sale.

  • NEW! The HOA Restrictions and Covenants sections on all listing input forms now include Permanently Affordable Housing and Lease Restriction options.
HOA-related Enhancements Restrictions Convenants
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  • The blue section-header label has been changed to “HOA/Management Company/Metro District Information” to better indicate the information that should be entered in this section.
HOA-related listing input REcolorado Matrix MLS
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  • HOA Transfer Based On has been removed from the “Additional HOA Information” section in listing input. However, even though it has been removed as a field for any new listings you input in the MLS, you can still include it in your criteria when you search properties in the MLS.
  • “Private Transfer Amount ($ or %)” and “Status Letter Amount ($ or %)” have been added to the “Additional HOA Information” section. NOTE: Information entered in these fields must include either a $ or % sign to indicate if the amount is a flat fee or a percentage.
HOA-related Additional Information REcolorado Matrix MLS
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Search Updates

  • Private Transfer Fee and Status Letter Fee are available as addable search fields for all property types.

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Display Updates

  • Status Letter Fee and Private Transfer Fee are now available on full displays and can be added to single line displays.

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Export Updates

  • Status Letter Fee and Private Transfer Fee and are included on the “Full” and “All Field” exports for all property types in Matrix. They can also be added to custom exports.

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