HOA Field: When to Mark ‘Yes’ and When to Mark ‘No’

To accurately input a listing, you need to have a solid understanding of the fields and options available to you. For example, the HOA portion in the Community tab of several listing input forms can be a little tricky. Here’s how you know when to mark ‘Yes’ and when to mark ‘No’ on HOAs or management companies.

HOA Field Matrix REcolorado Real Estate MLS



Question Mark Matrix REcolorado MLS Real EstateUse the question mark

To the left of every field in Matrix, there’s a gray circle with a white question mark. If you’re unsure of what information to place in that field, click the question mark to read the ‘General Field Help’ tip. Not all fields have a General Field Help section, but some of the trickier fields do.

For example, if you click the question mark next to the option “Are there HOAs or Management Companies?” you’ll receive this pop-up box:

HOA Pop-Up Box Matrix REcolorado MLS Real Estate






The explanation in the pop-up box will help you understand when to select ‘Yes’ and when to select ‘No’ on HOAs or Management Companies.

Choose ‘No’ if the HOA or Management company is voluntary or non-existing. Additionally,  choose ‘No’ if there are not any rules governing the area other than normal city laws/rules.

In some communities, there isn’t an HOA fee, but there are governing docs like Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) that tell the homeowners what they can and can’t do. If the property you’re listing has any type of governing document, you should mark ‘Yes’ in the HOA field.

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