Association (HOA) and Restrictions and Covenants Fields: When to Mark ‘Yes’ and When to Mark ‘No’’

Having a solid understanding of the fields and options available to you in REcolorado Matrix – especially those on the Start Listing tab – will help you save time now, during listing input, as well as down the road when your listing appears in the Client Portals of potential buyers.

Association (HOA) and Restrictions and Covenants are two of the required fields on the REcolorado Matrix listing input Start Listing tab. Requiring these fields early in the listing entry process ensures the appropriate fields are displayed for you in the listing input tabs that follow, allowing you to more quickly enter the information that applies to your listing. It also makes this very important information visible to brokers who have buyers seeking a home with or without an HOA.

Here’s how to know when to mark ‘Yes’ and when to mark ‘No’.

With REcolorado Matrix dynamic listing input, you are required to select ‘Yes or No’ for Association (HOA) and Restrictions and Covenants on the Start Listing Tab. Use the tips below to know your answer:

Association HOA

  • Choose ‘Yes’ for Association (HOA) if there is a fee required and there are HOA governing documents.
  • Choose ‘No’ for Association (HOA) if there is no HOA or Management company associated with the property, if participation in the HOA is is voluntary, or if there are no rules governing the neighborhood.

Restrictions and Covenants

  • Choose ‘Yes’ for Restrictions and Covenants if the property is subject to governing documents such as Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs.) Choosing ‘yes’ will give you the option, in subsequent tabs, to specify the appropriate restrictions and covenants that apply. For example, no street parking or income restrictions.
  • Choose ‘No’ in the Restrictions and Covenants field if there are no restrictions.
Restrictions Covenants Association Options

Pro Tip  

  • Make certain the information you enter on the REcolorado Matrix Start Listing Tab, including your yes-no answers for Association (HOA) and Restrictions and Covenants, is accurate. Once you go past the Start Listing tab, you cannot go back to edit this information.

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