A Handy List of Fields for Acreage and Farm & Ranch Properties

When you input an Acreage or Farm & Ranch listing, there are several sections and fields you don’t want to overlook. We’ve added many of these over the past year based on your feedback and we hope they’ve proven helpful as you continue to input listings into Matrix. Here is a comprehensive list:

Under the ‘Site’ tab

Lot Size Acres and Lot Size Square Feet are available.

Site Topography options are selectable and include additional options such as Aspens, Flood Plain, and Pinon Pines.

Site Type now includes Mining Claim.

An Electricity field is available to indicate if electrical service is available on the property.

An Electricity Service field is available to indicate the type of electrical service available on the property.

A Site Access section is available and includes the options to describe the primary road type to access the property if the access is a shared or seasonal drive. You can also input public transit information. Additionally, this section includes an Access Maintained By field where you can indicate if the property’s road access is maintained by the city, county, etc.

Under Well & Other Water, you can check a box for Mineral Rights or Water Rights.

Under the ‘Farm and Ranch’ tab

Add details and features that apply specifically to Farm and Ranch listings.

Under the ‘Additional Structures’ tab

Add details regarding outbuildings or other structures in addition to the primary residence.


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