Leverage the Foreclosure Industry to Grow Your Business

February 21, 2019

RENAV is Colorado’s source for distressed property information. A subscription to the service gives you access to unlisted foreclosure filings, short sale leads, property tracking to protect your listings, and upcoming auctions and unlisted REO opportunities for your buyers who are looking for a deal.

Our friends at RENAV have what you need to leverage the distressed property market to grow your business. They’re also an affiliate partner of ours, which means you can head over to REcolorado.com and visit the Real Estate Business Tools page to learn more.

Build your distressed property listing business

RENAV helps you quickly identify and analyze the hundreds of short sale and pre-foreclosure opportunities that arise every week so you can make contact and negotiate before the property is lost at auction or listed by your competition.

Shed some light on REO “Shadow Inventory”

Most foreclosure properties go back to the bank to become REO – Real Estate Owned. With RENAV, you can search for UNLISTED REO’s so you can make your move to get the listing.

Protect your closings

Have a listing in foreclosure or close to it? RENAV’s PropertyTracker monitors your portfolio for that type of activity so you can react quickly and be prepared. Alerts are sent for changes to sale dates, foreclosure status or if the lender submits a bid to bring the property to sale.

Continue your education

Satisfy your continuing education requirements or build the knowledge to position yourself as a foreclosure expert. RENAV and educating affiliates provide learning opportunities focused on distressed property and foreclosure education. From free casual meetups to affordable full-day classes, RENAV can help you learn to leverage distressed property information and turn it into a business opportunity.

Support local professionals

RENAV is an REcolorado Professional Innovator product—an innovative technology tool designed for real estate professionals by a fellow REcolorado subscriber. Learn more >>

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