How to Give a Listing Presentation Like a Pro

Stand out from the competition by delivering a polished real estate presentation that wins more business.

By dotloop – a tool you can use to easily manage your transaction from end to end; also an REcolorado affiliate partner

1. Do Your Homework

Your formal presentation, which typically consists of a PowerPoint or Keynote slideshow, should demonstrate your expertise in selling the client’s particular type of house as well as your comprehensive knowledge of successful strategies and market trends. This doesn’t mean that you should put them through a 45-minute real estate course, but you should be prepared for anything they might ask.

Before the presentation, make sure you do extensive research on the property and local market conditions (including multiple comps that are below, similar to and above theirs), and include the relevant elements in your slide deck. Your slideshow should project a clean, professional design with lots of high-resolution images. Dotloop offers the Ultimate Listing Presentation Template, which has everything you need and can be imported into dotloop to place the property details at your fingertips.

 2. Wow Them with Technology

The kind of technology you use speaks volumes about how current you are with tech trends while providing transaction-sharing benefits that will help to surprise and delight your prospects. For example, dotloop’s new text Messenger feature allows you to share and edit documents, gather eSignatures and more using a seamless texting feature from the dotloop app. The client can transact from their smartphone without having to download any software. The entire transaction process is paperless, painless and a major convenient time-saver for both agents and customers.

 3. Ask Questions. Involve the Client.

Your presentation should be less of a pitch and more of a discussion. Remember, other agents are likely to present similar information, so make yours stand out by sharing what you’ve learned about their house and neighborhood and asking open-ended questions to get their perspective. Involve them as much as possible.

Many agents focus on rehearsing and perfecting their listing presentation until they can deliver it in their sleep. However, if the prospect is sitting there with a huge, unresolved issue in the forefront of their mind, the slickest pitch will fall on deaf ears. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the listing presentation is all about dazzling the prospective clients with your real estate prowess. They’re sure to get plenty of that from other agents. Instead, focus on their perceptions and expectations of the process, and give them the information that will put their minds at ease. If they ask a question you don’t know the answer to, don’t be afraid to say, “Let me find out and get back to you.” People know that even the best agents don’t always know everything. However, if you pretend you know, you’ll come across as less than genuine. Most importantly, listen to your prospective clients.

 4. Avoid a Hard Close

 Nobody likes to “be sold to.” In a typical hard close, an agent pulls out an agreement for them to sign, but that can set up an uncomfortable situation for your prospective clients. The focus of the meeting suddenly shifts from being about their situation and their needs to yours.

If, on the other hand, your presentation feels more like a collaboration, then the natural progression to discuss next steps in working with you will fall into place. Simply explain what both of you need to do next to continue the process. The lower the barrier, the easier it is to get a “yes.” If the prospect is not willing to make any future commitment, let them know what you’ll do next, such as finding answers to any unsolved questions. This will leave the lines of communication open.

Lastly, hand them a printed version of your presentation. While a digital file is easier, a printed handout sitting on the client’s kitchen table will serve as a visual representation to keep you top of mind throughout the process. When you do your homework, really listen and involve your prospective clients in the discovery process, you’ll find that more of these potential clients will naturally convert into closings.

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