Pro Tip: Generate and Share Your Own Market Stats

Market statistics help you answer the age-old real estate question, “How’s the market?”

Your REcolorado subscription includes several tools to help you be the market expert for your clients. Not only will you be able to answer questions about the housing market in general, but you can also use market intel to find neighborhood-specific trends, create successful farm areas, and set your sellers’ expectations.

REcolorado Matrix Statistics

You can generate Market statistics directly from REcolorado Matrix. Start by clicking “Stats” in the top navigation bar.

REcolorado Matrix Stats reports have system presets built in so you can quickly see certain stats, like Historic Sales by Year or Original List Price vs. Close Price. You can also create Custom Presets to reflect the stats or areas you use frequently.

From the Customize tab, you can select the appropriate time frame and control how you want the chart to display.

Pro Tip: Click Advanced Options to pull two statistics at once! For example, you can compare Active Listings and Closed Listings.

Plus, you can easily add filters for every field available in the MLS! Simply select the relevant criteria and see stats for only properties that match your criteria.

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As an REcolorado subscriber, you also have access to statistics reports through InfoSparks. Simply select the InfoSparks/FastStats button from your CONNECT dashboard.

Within InfoSparks, you can easily narrow down to a specific area by selecting a city, county, zip code, or drawing an area on the map. Add up to four areas to compare in your stats report.

Next, select filters for your report. You can include single-family, condo/townhome/multi-family, or fractional properties and add filters based on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and more.

Click through the tabs to pull specific stats, like closed prices, the number of active listings, or inventory available in an area.

Pro Tip: Share these stats! Include a PDF report in your listing presentations, share the image on your social media channels, or embed the chart on your blog or website.

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REcolorado Market Watch

Every month, REcolorado produces a Market Watch report for the Denver Metro Area, Steamboat Springs, and Central Colorado, along with providing housing market data for local REALTOR associations. Find these reports on the REcolorado Professionals Blog and Facebook or LinkedIn.

Plus, REcolorado has been providing Weekly Market Watch reports since March to keep you up to date as the market responds to global changes. You can find all of our reports on our public website.

The REcolorado Market Watch reports are consumer friendly! Share the video, infographic, or detailed report with your clients to keep them informed about market conditions. You can easily share on your social media pages or include a link in monthly e-blasts.

For an in-depth look at the market stats tools and resources available with your REcolorado subscription, register for an upcoming training class: Market Intel >>