Two Easy Ways to Generate Your Own Buyer and Seller Leads

To stay in business – any kind of business – you need leads. You have to get in front of the people who are most likely to purchase your products or services. As a real estate agent, those are potential buyers and sellers, of course. When you look at your business today, are you really doing everything you can to get in front of those eyes?Luckily, REcolorado has partnered with the folks at W+R Studios – creators of the Cloud Agent Suite – to bring you two of the best tools on the market to help you generate your own buyer and seller leads. With Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams in your toolbox, you have access to the best lead magnets in the industry.

First up is Cloud CMA. It’s the easy way to generate your own seller leads by utilizing your very own “What’s My Home Worth” landing page that comes free with your account. Patty Zuzek from Apple Valley, MN uses Facebook to promote this page to people who are actively seeking a listing agent. In just one month, she generated 3 high quality leads and it only cost her $75! Doing this not only saves you time, generates seller leads, but increases your digital footprint as well.

Cloud CMA isn’t just for leads either – it’s the easy way to create amazing reports that help you write more offers and win more listings. Reports are completely customizable and leverage your best asset – MLS data! Consumers will appreciate the designer look and feel of the reports as well as the information accuracy. After all, you are the professional!

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Next up is Cloud Streams. If buyer leads are what you’re after, then Cloud Streams’ free lead generating widget has you covered. It’s the easy way to deliver listing alerts to clients and prospects as soon as they need them. Just add the widget to your website and you’ll get notified anytime you get a new lead requests to receive listing alerts.

Not only will Cloud Streams help you grow the buyer side of your business, it’s also the fastest way to ensure that you and your buyers are the first to know when new properties hit the market or change in price. By again everaging MLS data and combining it with beautiful design and speed, Cloud Streams’ listing alerts are quickly becoming the standard for consumer notifications.

Try Cloud Streams Free for 30-days

So there you have it. By adding Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams to your real estate marketing repertoire, you can start writing more offers and winning more listings in no time! Since both are free to try for 30-days you have nothing to lose.