Firefox – What’s the HTTPS Error in that Box?

Do you use Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser? Have you recently received pop-up errors when visiting Not to worry! Here’s what’s going on and what you need to know.

Firefox and Chrome have started notifying users when the site they are visiting is not HTTPS. Absolutely nothing has changed with the behavior or functionality on or Matrix; the only difference is that the browser is highlighting that the site is not HTTPS.

– What is HTTPS? HTTPS is an internet protocol that has typically been used for sensitive transactions such as entering your credit card information when shopping online.

– Why am I receiving a warning or message about, CONNECT, or Matrix not being secure or HTTPS sites? The functionality and security of, CONNECT, and Matrix has not changed since these products were initially launched. And, because your billing and Marketplace My Account credentials are not saved in, CONNECT, or Matrix, your billing information is secure. The Marketplace My Account site is an HTTPS site so your billing and credit card information is secure.

– When will, Matrix and CONNECT support HTTPS? We are working with our vendors to implement SSL/HTTPS technology. We are not able to give a specific timeline.

– If nothing has changed with, CONNECT, or Matrix, does that mean it has never been secure? No, it does not mean the information is not safe. REcolorado partners with large, trusted vendors such as CoreLogic and Clareity Security to provide these products to you. These companies take a variety of steps to protect and back up the MLS information. Adding support for HTTPS is another way the MLS information will be protected.