Finding What You Need in Matrix

As you navigate the latest update to Matrix, you’ll notice a few things have moved. Among other enhancements, this update brought improved organization based on user feedback and current best practices. Keep reading to learn about the biggest changes and how to find what you need in REcolorado Matrix.

My Matrix

Quickly dive into your daily work with My Matrix, the first option you’ll see in the navigation bar. You’ll see familiar options in this section. It’s also where you can navigate back to your Matrix dashboard

REcolorado Matrix Dashboard menu


Now your Settings, which formerly appeared under “My Matrix,” have moved to a utility menu in the upper right corner. You can access this by clicking your name. This is where most websites, like Google or Facebook, store personal details. By moving the “Settings” section under your profile, you’ll have a more consistent experience across the various websites you use on a daily basis.

This section has been upgraded with a mobile-first design, meaning you’ll have the same experience on your cell phone as you do on your laptop or computer.

REcolorado Matrix settings

When you open Settings, you’ll see large icons to easily identify the section you need. Once you click into a section, you’ll see the same options with which you’re already familiar.

REcolorado Matrix Utility Menu


Help documents and videos have also moved to the utility menu in the upper right corner, under your name. From Matrix help, you can quickly access the wide library of training resources and help documents. New how-to documents and videos are now available, updated to reflect your experience using the new Matrix interface.  

Concierge Alerts

Concierge alerts are now visible from the notifications icon in the upper right-hand corner. You’ll notice a red indicator, just like what you see on other apps and websites, letting you know when something needs your attention.

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Get to know the new Matrix

Want to learn everything that is new and different in this version of Matrix? Register for our training webinar to learn how to navigate the updated look and feel throughout, with focus on managing your branding, contacts, and concierge auto emails.

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