Find Showing Information in REcolorado Matrix

In this market, every second matters. Be sure to call the correct showing service so your buyer’s tour is scheduled quickly. When you see the blue icon, call BrokerBay! Add 888.808.0331 to your contacts for the complimentary BrokerBay Scheduling Center.

Easily find showing information for Listings in REcolorado Matrix

Quickly find showing information and book showings through REcolorado’s showing management solution, BrokerBay, and other integrated products like ShowingTime.

  • From your search results, you’ll see an icon for either ShowingTime or BrokerBay, depending on the service used by the listing broker.
  • You can find the icon from many views, including Single-Line Display, Thumbnail, and Full Property View.
  • Simply click the icon and schedule a showing!
  • For additional details, visit the showing information section on the Full Property View.

Learn more about requesting a showing through BrokerBay >>

Questions? Reach out to BrokerBay for complimentary support.

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