How to Find the Perfect Condo

When you know how to search the REcolorado Matrix using specific criteria, you can quickly pull a list of home possibilities for your clients. In this article, we break down how to search for a condo with a bedroom AND a loft, how to find studios, and how to search by HOA.

Searching for Condos with Bedroom(s) AND a Loft

If your client needs a bedroom and some extra loft space, there are two important fields to use.


Enter the number of bedrooms your client needs with a plus sign. For example: 1+, 2+, etc.

Detailed Room Information

Under Room Type select Loft. Leave the Floor, Length, Width and Description blank.

How to Find Studios

Studios can be found using the Architectural Style field. You can add this field at the bottom of your search form with the ‘Add/Remove Fields’ button. Use the search bar to find ‘Architectural Style.’ Then, click Add. After that, click the Back button on the lower left-hand side. Once you’re back on your search page, look down at the bottom and you should now be able to select ‘Studio’.

Search by HOA

HOA dues can affect the affordability of a condo. Here are some tips to keep in mind when searching by HOA.

  • Does your client want to avoid HOAs? Use the field ‘Association Yes or No’
  • The ‘Total Annual HOA’ field adds multiple HOA dues together, which makes your search process a little easier
  • Both of these fields can be found on the search page near the middle of the form

Pro Tip: The (R) icon next to certain search fields means they are ‘required’. These fields are a very reliable search method as they will always have information entered in them.