New Fields, Options and More in Matrix

REcolorado continually works to bring you more listings, more complete data, and more fields so you can better describe your listing or the listings for which you’re searching when your client has specific criteria.

Several enhancements were made to REcolorado Matrix MLS over the past few weeks to better accommodate ranch, land, and mountain resort properties as we welcomed Steamboat Springs Board of REALTORS® members and their listings to Matrix. These enhancements are great for you, too! 

Be sure to update your listings using the new fields and keep this guide handy when you enter new listings so you don’t miss anything.

Heads-up! If you input commercial listings, you’ll want to check out this blog post to learn about more recent enhancements.

MLS Search Field

MLS Search Field REcolorado MatrixThe MLS search field has been updated on various search forms so you can include Steamboat Springs listings in your MLS search.  

If you’re in Matrix right now, hover over the ‘Search’ tab, then hover over ‘Residential’ and click on ‘General.’ In the middle section of that page, you’ll see ‘MLS.’ In that box, you should see a selection titled ‘REcolorado (SSBR).’ This means you can include SSBR listings in your search. Additionally, you’ll notice there is an option titled ‘REcolorado (ROCC).’ The ROCC stands for REALTORS of Central Colorado, a REALTOR association that serves south central Colorado. You can read more about REcolorado’s partnership with ROCC by clicking here. 

You’ll find these fields on various search forms throughout Matrix, including Hot Sheets, Market Watch, and Stats searches. Use these fields if you want to include Steamboat Springs listings or REALTORS of Central Colorado listings in your results.  

You can view publicly-available information for Steamboat Springs listings and are encouraged to contact the listing broker to get more detailed information. 

Fractional Ownership 

On Residential Attached and Residential Detached listing input forms, the Partial Ownership Amount field is now required when ‘Fractional’ is selected as the Partial Ownership Type. 

New Fields and Options

New Options

Additional Fields REcolorado MatrixNew options have been added to various fields for input and search. View the full list here. Scroll down to the bottom of page 2 and keep reading on to page 3. Keep this list handy when inputting listings so you don’t miss out on the new optionsTo add these new options to an MLS search, click on the Additional Fields ‘Add’ button on the bottom of your search criteria display and select from the list.

New Fields

New fields have been added to listing input and search. We probably sound like a broken record, but…be sure to keep this list handy when inputting listings so you don’t miss out on the new fields. To add these new fields to an MLS search, click on the Additional Fields ‘Add’ button on the bottom of your search criteria display and select from the list. 

  • Partial Ownership Amount – for sales of partial (fractional) ownership, indicates if the sale is ½, ¼, 1/52, etc. 
  • Rentals Allowed – indicates if short term, long term, or no rentals are allowed. 
  • Special Assessment Description – provides details about any special assessments. 
  • Vegetation – indicates the types of trees and vegetation available on the property. 

Income Search Updates

The Income General search form has been updated to include various fields for commercial listings, including Type, Business Type, and Income Includes. Click here to view a screenshot. 

Feel free to contact REcolorado Customer Care if you have any questions about this information.

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