Evaluating Your Syndication Options

With the launch of the REcolorado Syndication Program, you will soon have the ability to choose if, when, and where you want your listings syndicated—Your Listing. You Decide.

Whether it is through your brokerage, a direct agreement with a publisher, or via REcolorado, your syndication options are abundant. Mass advertising, or opting-in to as many channels as possible, is no longer a best practice. Today, more than ever, it is important to customize a marketing and advertising plan for each of your listings.

As you consider which channels are right for your listing, use resources, like the REcolorado Syndication Checklist and take time to read the fine print. Pull out contracts or find the terms of use page on potential syndication channel websites. Then, with your listing, your client and your brokerage’s business plan in mind, start asking questions.

  • How will you ensure your listing is kept accurate?
  • Will your contact information be displayed prominently?
  • Will other agents be promoted next to your listing?
  • How much exposure will your listing receive?
  • Will your listing information be re-syndication or used to “power” other sites?
  • Is the syndication channel already getting your listing information from another source?

For more information about syndication and the REcolorado Syndication Program, visit: http://www.recolorado.com/pages/for-brokers/syndication.