Evaluate and Generate Listing Activity

It’s nearly Fall, the time of year when the housing market typically takes a breather — but not this year. A quick look at housing market stats from REcolorado shows there is still plenty of demand from buyers, which is keeping the market very active!

This is information you’ll definitely want to share with your clients.  Fortunately, REcolorado makes it easy with three user-friendly tools.

REcolorado Matrix Hit Counter

First, Hit Counter in REcolorado Matrix.

This handy tool shows you how many views a listing is getting in REcolorado Matrix from other brokers, as well as from their clients who are using their Client Portal.

Want to increase that number?

Reverse Prospecting

REcolorado Matrix offers a second cool tool called Reverse Prospecting.

With this tool, you can find brokers who have buyers that might be interested in your listing. How?

Reverse Prospecting compares your listing with auto emails sent from REcolorado Matrix. If your listing was included in an auto email that a participating broker sent to their client, you’ll see the broker’s name, contact info, and client reference number.

You can then contact those brokers yourself or use REcolorado Matrix to send an email to those brokers to tell them about your listing!

Listing Metrics

Finally, don’t forget about Listing Metrics.

With this tool, you can see all the activity your listing has gotten from multiple channels, including REcolorado.com, Matrix, syndication sites, IDX websites, and more!

All of this is great information you can share with your seller to show them your value and everything that you’re doing to promote the listing. Or you can use it to have a conversation about what you can do for the property.

This was a very brief overview of three powerful tools – don’t worry! We’ve included links below for blog posts, guides, and training so you can get more information.