Entering Square Footage – That Was Easy!

Ever wish you had an ”easy button” for calculating your listing’s square footage? We have some good news. Using Public Records in Matrix, the way you enter square footage for listings in REcolorado Matrix is easier than ever and requires no math! Best of all, when you enter square footage accurately, you’ll feel confident using it for other important calculations including pricing, comps, and statistics.

Read on for the square footage for the quick tips and information that will have you saying, “That was easy!”  

Square Footage Fields 

Before entering square footage, it is helpful to have a little background. REcolorado Matrix has four required square footage fields:  

  • Above Grade Finished Area (SqFt Above): Above grade and partially above grade finished square footage 
  • Living Area (SqFt Finished): All finished square footage of the property, including the basement, if finished. 
  • Building Area Total (SqFt Total): All finished and unfinished square footage of the property, including all levels and the basement. The total area within the structure. Building Area Total includes only the primary building. This excludes garages, decks, etc. 
  • Basement Yes/No: Indicate if the listing has a basement. Below Grade Finished Area and Below Grade Unfinished Area are calculated automatically based on the previous field entries. 

Using Public Records to Calculate Square Footage Fields   

Now for the magic! You can use Public Records in Matrix to input and calculate square footage fields. Simply follow the steps below to find the square footage values you need.

  1. Complete a Public Record Search: In REcolorado Matrix, hover over the Search Tab and Click Public Record. In the Public Record Search, enter the property address and then Results. Then, click Tax ID to access the Public Records information. 
  1. Once you locate the public records information in REcolorado Matrix, there are three fields you need to use to get the Square Footage for each of the required fields:  

    A. Bldg Sq Ft Above Ground: This number will be entered into the Above Grade Finished Area field during Input 
    B. Bldg Sq Ft Total: This number will be entered into the Building Area Total (Sq FT Total) field during Input. 
    C. Bldg Sq Ft Finished: This number will be entered into the Living Area (Sq Ft Finished) field during listing input. 

We’re here to help! If you any questions about using entering square footage, please contact our Customer Care team at support@REcolorado.com