Entering and Searching For Well, Water, and Sewer Details

Water, well, and sewer information can be important information for your buyers, especially those interested in purchasing rural properties, which is why we’ve made it easy to enter in and search these details in REcolorado’s Matrix MLS.

Entering Well, Water and Sewer Information

Completing the Well, Water, and Sewer fields when you’re entering a property means you’re giving buyers’ agents and potential buyers the detailed information they need about a property, which will help bring the right buyer to your client in less time and with a better offer.

building & site tab REcolorado Matrix listing input

To enter well and water details, visit the Building and Site tab when entering a new listing. Toward the bottom of the tab, you’ll see a section labeled Water & Utilities where you can enter the information for your property. If you select Well as a Water source, you’ll need to enter the Issued Permit #.

water & Utilities tab REcolorado Matrix Listing Input

Pro Tip: Visit the Resource Center prior to a listing appointment and print off a fresh copy of the listing input form you’ll need. This way, you can easily collect every listing detail from your client during the appointment and make notes, so you’ll have the information you need (or your admin will have what they need) to enter the listing into REcolorado’s Matrix MLS.

Searching for Well, Water, and Sewer Information

Have a client who wants to include well, water, or sewer information as part of their search? Start by adding additional search criteria to your search form in REcolorado Matrix. For step-by-step instructions on this, use our how-to guide Add Additional Search Criteria Fields.

You can use the search box at the bottom of the Frequently Used Fields section to find what you need. Just type in ‘well’ or ‘water’ or ‘sewer’ and you should be able to see the available fields you can add.