Enhance your 2015 Real Estate Business Plan with Training and Education

By Stacy Anderson-Oakes, REcolorado Product Training Manager

It’s that time of year! Many Colorado Real Estate Brokers and Agents have put the finishing touches on their 2015 business plan in preparation for the selling season. Others may be taking more of a goal-setting approach, while some are choosing to “fly by the seat of their pants.” No matter your strategy, it’s likely your goal is to enhance your real estate business, or to be more direct, increase your bottom line. There are many tools and techniques that can be used to achieve an increased bottom line. One area that traverses all business plan types and approaches is training and education.

Like it or not, technology is constantly changing, yet critical to maintaining a competitive edge within the real estate industry. Not only using, but being able to harness technology in an efficient and effective manner is a key component to giving you a competitive edge as you set out to achieve your 2015 business goals.

A productive place to look when looking to gain business efficiencies is your MLS. REcolorado offers its members an array of training opportunities, all designed to increase knowledge and efficiencies within the core MLS products—Matrix, Realist and REcolorado.com—technology critical to a real estate business.

Are you working with a family with a very specific set of “wants” on their list? Finding the “right” property for your Colorado home buyers can be challenging. Understanding how the Matrix system functions and learning the best practices of the system can make finding that “right” property just a little easier.

On the flip side, anyone who has listings hopes to sell them for the maximum price the market will allow. Are you listing a property that has features such as a mother-in-law suite or additional parking? Marketing

the amenities of those properties is important to that sale. Matrix offers a variety of fields that allow the features of each property to be highlighted.

Without our customers there would be no business, so keeping in touch with them is crucial. The Client Portal in Matrix and REcolorado.com provide Brokers and Agents tools to stay in contact with existing customers and reach customers you haven’t met yet. Learning to use them efficiently will help you streamline your outreach and impress your clients with your efficiency.

Let REcolorado help you exceed your 2015 business goals. Sign up for one of our training sessions or explore our Knowledge Base. Learning to quickly and successfully use the products REcolorado provides will assist you with the overall growth you are working to generate for your Colorado real estate business. Register today!