REcolorado to End Syndication to ListHub

Due to lack of interest from our members, REcolorado is ending its contract with ListHub. As a result, starting in late July, ListHub will no longer appear as a syndication option in Office Syndication Settings or in the Matrix Internet Dsplay tab.

Why is REcolorado discontinuing its contract with ListHub? There are several reasons:

  • Lack of interest from REcolorado members.  In the REcolorado syndication portal, ListHub is only utilized by a small percentage of offices. Many brokerages have their own agreements with ListHub.  Ask your managing broker where your listings are being syndicated.
  • Few home search sites are offered by ListHub. ListHub offers syndication to approximately 90 channels; however, only few of those channels are home search sites. As a matter of fact, many exist to use your listing information to generate reports or products that can be sold back to you.
  • Clients are requesting targeted marketing. Home sellers want their homes marketed to the most qualified buyers. The vast majority of these buyers use a select few sites, including your IDX site and In today’s environment where the broker is responsible for removing listings and keeping them up to date, the need to mass market isn’t there and the risk of doing so it too great.

Have you had success marketing your listings on a specific channel via ListHub? If yes, please send the name of the channel and web address to To ensure the REcolorado syndication program includes channels that are beneficial to you, we will be forming direct partnerships with select syndication channels you recommend.

Have questions?  Feel free to contact Customer Care at or 303-850-9576