Edit Your Active Listings to Send Them to Zillow Group

On April 26, Zillow Group became available as an REcolorado syndication option. It’s easy to remember to choose Zillow Group when you’re entering a NEW listing. But, what about listings that were already Active before April 26? If you’d like those listings to go to Zillow, Trulia, and the all-new RealEstate.com, you’ll need to edit them. Using your computer or tablet, follow the steps below. If you’re using a mobile device, you’ll need to click Full Site (see picture below).

Matrix Full Site screen shot

To edit your active listings:

1. Log in to your REcolorado Matrix account.

2. Go to the input tab and select your active listing.

3. Click the ‘Change Internet Display Settings’ link.

4. Ensure ‘Internet Display of Listing’ and ‘Internet Display of Address’ are set to Yes.

5. Check the Zillow Group box under ‘Listing Syndication Settings.’

6. Confirm your Internet Display and Syndication Settings.

7. Click ‘Submit Listing’ to add your listing to the Zillow Group feed.

Please note: If your brokerage has a franchise or broker feed established, it will send updated data to Zillow Group sites.

Questions? Customer Care is happy to help!

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