Easier Listing Input with Property Types

When the new version of REcolorado Matrix launches early next year, your experience entering new listings will be streamlined, thanks to new property types and dynamic listing input. Here’s what that means – and how you can be among the first to see the new REcolorado Matrix.  

What you need to know: Dynamic Listing Input

One benefit of the new version of REcolorado Matrix is a streamlined listing entry process! When starting a new listing, you’ll first be prompted to select the appropriate Property Type, Subtype, and other key fields for that property type.

(Note: We’ll provide a helpful guide you can reference, along with help text in the system itself, so you can be sure you’re selecting the appropriate Property Type and Subtype.)

Based on your selection, the listing input form will adjust to only display relevant fields. For example, if you select “no” for HOA on the first screen, then you won’t see HOA-related fields later in the process.

To better organize the listing input process, we sought input from local real estate brokers – your peers – in Think Tank feedback sessions. Based on your input and RESO Data Dictionary standards, we grouped similar fields in logical groupings.

The result? You’ll get a simpler, more relevant input process!

What you need to do: Register to See It First!  

When you accurately put listing information into REcolorado Matrix, you’re ensuring that the right buyers can find your listing. Understanding listing input will not only help you enter more complete listings for your sellers, but it will also help you perform better searches to find the information you need for your buyers easily. Even if you work with a listing input coordinator, this understanding can help you better serve your clients. Search and listing input are two sides of the same coin – understanding one will help you do the other better, too!

To give you a head start learning the new system, we’re hosting several Be Ready – It’s Coming – New REcolorado Matrix training classes. This is your only opportunity to see the system and learn about the new dynamic listing input before it goes live.

Our trainers will show you the new REcolorado Matrix and teach you about property types and dynamic listing input. You’ll also be the first to learn about changing field names and new definitions (stay tuned for more on this next week).

This class is your chance to see the new REcolorado Matrix before it goes live. The change will happen overnight, so sign up and join the class so you can be prepared.

We currently have 24 sessions scheduled for the week of January 6-10 at the REcolorado office and locations across Colorado. This is very important, so we’re offering many sessions so as many people can attend as possible.

See available times and locations and register using the link below:

Be Ready – It’s Coming – New REcolorado Matrix

Can’t attend one of these classes? You can watch the recorded webinar version of the class below:

Webinar: Be Ready – It’s Coming – New REcolorado Matrix