5 Reasons Why Your Admins Will Love Dotloop

So your real estate teams are adding agents, and business is rocking. But your admins are feeling the growing pains.

When a single admin who once supported two or three agents is now supporting a team of five or more, suddenly the old way of supporting the workflow no longer feels sustainable. And as any broker or team owner knows, when an admin is slowed down, the entire business feels the backlash.

If your admins are still navigating multiple agents’ log-ins, juggling multiple accounts and toggling between various software interfaces, take note. Dotloop Teams can simplify your teams’ real estate transaction management. Here’s how:

One Team, One Dashboard

Dotloop’s Team Dashboard allows admins to log in, access and view the progress of multiple accounts simultaneously.

Custom Sort Made Simple

Admins also love dotloop’s custom workflows and the ability to sort, search and customize transactions by any type. They can set up their workflow to their preferences, set up associations for agents to quickly access forms, create email notifications and more.

Autofill Automatically

Dotloop’s robust autofill functionality spares admins the tedious task of having to re-enter the same data in multiple forms, which, in turn, helps keep documents consistent and compliant.

Visibility in Full View

Dotloop also provides admins and brokers top-view visibility into their teams’ sales statistics and individual agent productivity, making it easy to assess strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth

Streamlined & Seamless

Perhaps the No. 1 reason admins love dotloop is the same reason agents love this seamless end-to-end transaction management system: the ability to create, share, eSign, comply and store all documents in one place. Simply put, dotloop for teams saves time, and more time means more productivity.