Dotloop Can Help You Earn CE Credits

Most states require agents to complete a minimum number of continuing education (CE) hours to renew their real estate license.

While agents can choose from a wide variety of courses approved for CE, dotloop’s CE-certified training courses can help you manage the transaction process more effectively and close more deals quickly. Here, certified dotloop instructor Carolyn Thompson offers a few tips on optimizing your CE experience.

Optimizing Continuing Education

Rather than looking at CE as an inconvenience that accompanies license renewal, agents should view continuing education as an opportunity to sharpen their skills, increase their knowledge and network with colleagues.

To help agents get the most out of their CE, Thompson provides these three useful tips:

1. Don’t wait until the last minute.
A license renewal deadline is something every agent knows about years in advance. That said, it’s easy to procrastinate. If an agent can plan to take classes regularly over the term of their licensure period, not only will they avoid having to take them all at once, but they’ll have a better chance of getting the courses they want.

2. Take courses that improve performance.
CE courses are available for a wide variety of topics within real estate. While many of them might sound interesting, the best return on the time invested will come from those that develop a skill and improve the agent’s ability to offer their clients better service.

3. Attend classes in person.
There are many options for taking CE classes online, and it’s certainly the most convenient route. But agents should plan to take at least some of their classes in person. There’s an interaction with the instructor that can’t be duplicated online. Also, CE classes offer a great way to network with agents from other brokerages.

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You can find out about most CE-approved dotloop classes on dotloop’s Support page. You may also contact your local Realtor association. The local association will usually announce courses with dotloop instructors such as Thompson.