DORA Appraiser Licensee Advisory Encourages Access to Appropriate Data Sources

The spring edition of DORA’s quarterly newsletter includes an Appraiser Licensee Advisory titled REcolorado recently announced that it would stop sharing data with IRES on March 2, 2017. The advisory encourages appraisers to have access to comparable market data and appropriate public and private data sources, such as multiple listing services. Depending on where an appraiser conducts his or her business, this might require subscriptions to multiple MLSs.

REcolorado works closely with appraisers and values the strong, mutual relationship. In fact, two members of the REcolorado Rules and Regulations committee are appraisers, and REcolorado meets with an Appraiser Advisory Committee on a regular basis to receive feedback on products, services, and communications. Their ideas and information are invaluable. Thank you!