Don’t be Spooked – A New Version of Matrix is Coming!

For several months, our team has been working behind the scenes on a project that will upgrade our Matrix MLS system. At the end of the project, you’ll see a new version of REcolorado Matrix with a brand new look and feel!

What you need to know: New Version of Matrix

When the new version launches early next year, REcolorado Matrix is going to look a little different. With new functionality and field names, REcolorado Matrix will offer an enhanced experience, while remaining the powerful MLS system you know and trust.

Why are we making these changes? REcolorado strives to provide our customers the best MLS system out there, customized for you. By upgrading our existing system to the RESO Data Dictionary, we’ll be positioned to bring new innovative tools to you better and faster, thanks to consistent field names and more advanced technology. For an overview, watch our video, “What is RESO?

While we’re making behind-the-scenes updates to the platform, you’ll also see visible changes to REcolorado Matrix, including new colors and a streamlined layout. We’ve collected your feedback to bring your top-requested features into the new system. But we didn’t stop there. We also conducted several feedback sessions with Colorado brokers and appraisers from across the state – your peers – and asked them how we could organize listing input and search in more logical and useful ways.

Based on all of this input, we’re bringing a new, cleaner, enhanced version of REcolorado Matrix to you early next year. REcolorado Matrix will soon have a streamlined layout, making it easier and faster for you to access the information you need.

For example, we’ve enhanced your experience entering a new listing with dynamic listing input. When you enter a new listing, you’ll only see relevant fields based on the property type and subtype you selected. That means quicker and more accurate listing input! More on this to come in the next few weeks.

What you need to do: Check your Account (and Email)  

Now is a great time for some housekeeping. When we launch the new version of REcolorado Matrix, we’ll carry over all of your existing settings, including your branding, listings, contacts, saved searches, and auto emails. You’ll need to review these after launch, so take some time now to update your branding and delete any unused saved searches or auto emails.

We’ll keep sending updates with news, tips, and training to help you prepare for the switch. If you have any questions about REcolorado’s Go RESO project, please contact REcolorado Customer Care at