How to Customize Realist Comparable Properties

Customize Realist to pull comparable properties from the MLS and from public records to help ensure you don’t miss any important information.

1. Open Realist from your CONNECT dashboard or from the Full Display of any listing in Matrix.

2. If you start from your CONNECT dashboard, you’ll need to search the subject property and click ‘View Reports.’ If you start from a Matrix listing, your subject property should display in Realist and you’ll simply need to click ‘View Reports.’

view reports customize realist

3. Click on the Comparables tab.

comparables customize realist

4. In the bottom right-hand corner, click ‘Modify’ and then click ‘Search.’

modify customize realist

5. Here are a couple of items you might want to change:

  • Change Data Source to ‘Both’
  • Change Distance from Subject to a radius that would include properties with land

6. Click ‘Save and Submit’