Customize Your MLS Search

Customize defaults on each search form to filter out listings from other markets. For each property type (Residential, Land, Income and Cross Property), do the following:

Set Your Defaults

Set your defaults so you only get a certain set of listings. (click photo below to enlarge)

Customize Search Matrix REcolorado Listing Real Estate MLS

Customize Your Fields

Add other commonly-searched fields by scrolling down below the button bar and clicking on ‘Add’ or ‘Add/Remove.’ (click photo below to enlarge)

Add Remove Fields Matrix Customize Search Real Estate REcolorado

Commonly-added fields include:

  • Site Description
  • Partial Ownership Type
  • Rentals Allowed
  • Development Name

Select the field name on the left-hand side and then click ‘Add’ to move it over to your Selected Fields box. Once the field name is highlighted in blue, click ‘Add.’ When you’ve added all the fields you want, click the ‘Back’ button on the lower left-hand side.  (click photo below to enlarge)

Pro Tip: Use ‘Search’ to quickly find a field.

Add Remove Fields REcolorado Matrix Real Estate Listing MLS