Customer Input…We’re All Ears!

One of the most valuable contributions we use to make decisions about how to enhance or expand the set of business tools you receive with your REcolorado subscription is your feedback! After all, you are using the tools every day, with real buyers and sellers, which makes you the experts!

It’s been a busy summer for members of two REcolorado groups that that give us input that is invaluable – the Think Tank and RESO Feedback teams!  Here’s what they’ve been up to.

  • Earlier this summer, members of our REcolorado Think Tank completed surveys to tell us how they use print marketing for their businesses. We’re using their feedback to evaluate potential product offerings.
  • Just a few weeks ago, REcolorado Think Tank members also participated in an interactive webinar, which gave them a look at FLASHCMA, a tool that can be used to create accurate CMA’s. We’re using their input to evaluate that product.
  • For the last several months, members of our Go RESO Feedback groups have been reviewing Matrix forms, displays, fields, and more. Their input will be used to help REcolorado complete the RESO Data Dictionary Project, which will bring you an updated and enhanced version of REcolorado Matrix later this year.

We want to extend a warm THANK YOU to all who are taking the time to help us bring you new and enhanced MLS tools. With your help we successfully brought MyFloodStatus to REcolorado.   

Would you like to get involved? Do you have a real estate peer who might like to join the Think Tank? The more the merrier! Contact us at