Customer Care You’re Raving About

Friendly. Knowledgeable. Efficient. If you dig through the long list of compliments REcolorado Customer Care receives on a weekly basis, those three words jump out at you the most. But you’ll never hear them tell you that, which is why we’re taking a few minutes to do the bragging for them.

Last week was an extra-special week because the Customer Care team successfully completed its one millionth subscriber interaction! On any given day, Customer Care gets the chance to interact with approximately 300 REcolorado subscribers. These interactions range from general advice to training recommendations to account updates to onboarding new subscribers, and much more. The list is endless, which is to say, Customer Care is always here for you and can help you out with anything you need. You can contact them by email at or by phone at 303.850.9576 option 1. They’re available Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and, if urgent, by email on Sunday.

In honor of last week’s outstanding accomplishment, here’s a look back at what you—REcolorado subscribers—indicated you love most about our Customer Care team via the most recent survey we conducted.

By the Numbers: Caring for Our Customers

A Great Overall Experience

90% indicated that their experience with REcolorado Customer Care was excellent or good

They Offer Valuable Knowledge

94% indicated that the Customer Care team has excellent or good knowledge of the available tools and resources suite

They Exceed Expectations

94% indicated that their recent interaction with Customer Care exceeded their expectations

They Give Fast Service

90% indicated that, if their interaction was an issue that needed to be resolved, it was resolved in a single interaction

They Give Quality Service

100% indicated that, if their interaction was an issue that needed to be resolved, it was resolved to complete satisfaction

Subscriber Soundbites

“You are the best for always helping me and I’m never leaving REcolorado!”

“…your customer service has been proven to be markedly superior…”

“You are the nicest and most helpful people.”

“Thank you for your quick attention to my account!”

“So much more helpful than my primary MLS.”

“I always receive superior customer service from REcolorado…I am always happy when I call REcolorado for help. You guys are great! Thank you!”

“This survey must be concerning getting me set back up after my trial, which I most certainly did. The person I spoke to was very nice and sincere in helping me. I’m thankful for your service and I hope to continue enjoying using it.”

“The Customer Care team is amazing and I’m grateful you are here to help me.”

“You have the best system and your customer service is superb.”

“Your tech service is incredible, and I’ve learned so much from you.”

“Customer Care is nice, friendly, supportive, and patient!”

“Thank you for being so efficient; it’s a lost art in today’s society.”

“I’m so touched that I received a personal thank-you card from a member of your team, and I’m so grateful for how you always treat me so kindly when I call.”