Search Across Property Types With ‘Cross Property’ Search

Not every buyer knows exactly what they’re looking for. They could be looking for an investment opportunity in the form of a single-family home or a duplex. Or, maybe they’re interested in a single-family home but may also consider a piece of land where they could build their own home.

In these scenarios, you need a Cross Property search.

What is a Cross Property search?

A Cross Property search in Matrix lets you search across multiple or all property types so you can capture a broad list of options for your client. This way, you don’t need to set up multiple searches and auto emails.

Cross Property; click to enlarge

You can start a Cross Property search from the Search tab in Matrix.

Pro Tip: Less is more! Keep your cross property search as general as possible and avoid adding too many fields. This will help you gather as many results as possible for your client. To select multiple property types on your search form, hold down the Ctrl or Command key while you make your selections.

Press Ctrl or Command to select multiple property types