Community Videos: Put the Spark back in Your Business

By Hannah Graham, Marketing Coordinator at

Just in time for selling season, – a trusted syndication channel – worked with Anna Jones and Marguerite Giguere to outline how to produce captivating videos that you can use to promote your business. Take a look at these tips for building an invaluable reputation as the community expert.

Every real estate agent knows that their town is the absolute best place to live. As an agent, you know pretty much everything happening in your community and are always ready to offer recommendations on the best place to eat, best place for coffee, best theatre, and the best park. You know how special your community is, and as a real estate agent you have an incredible opportunity to share that information with the world. One way to share your passion for your community is with videos.

Be Helpful

Before you start a new community project, Jones suggests you ask yourself “What do your potential buyers want to know about the community?” Create a series of videos to show off your local coffee shops, boutiques, bars, restaurants, parks, and landmarks. Let possible residents get a glimpse into what living in your coverage area could be like.

Create videos that not only help people moving to your area but also serve as community updates reminding current residents of all the great places they can try out. Remember to add your contact info to the end of each video so anyone who is getting ready to move can reach out to you for assistance.

Be Yourself

Let your personality shine through when creating your community videos. Giguere and Jones mentioned that they often do their videos together because having someone to interact with makes it easier to be natural. As Jones points out, “The point here, at the end of the day is to be yourself, to be human, to be accessible.”

When you’re yourself in your videos, your viewers, any of whom could be potential leads, get to know and like you. As Giguere points out, “We’re generating people who are reaching out to us personally and who already really like us which is super because it just creates a better quality transaction in a time that’s pretty crazy, so the more your clients like and trust you, the easier it is to do business right now.”

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Be Different

Anyone can print out a new recipe card to remind their community that they’re there. That’s why community videos are great. Giguere explains that “The thing that makes us successful as agents isn’t that we do these things that are very easily copied, the thing that makes us successful in our market is that we’re always looking ahead and we’re generally the first people trying and failing and breaking and refining and I think that’s the whole thing.” Creating a community video will set you apart and entertain people for years to come.

Be the Expert

Today, most agents understand that they need to contact new leads within the first five minutes to have a good chance to convert. Once an agent does get in touch with a new lead many agents find themselves competing on commission rates to be competitive. However, Giguere points out that “if you can create the idea that you are something special…if you can create a point of difference then people will wait a little longer…people will happily pay a higher listing commission.” Being the expert is one way to create a reputation that will make people wait to work with you, and “instead of just saying, ‘I’m the most professional, I’m the neighborhood expert,’ [with community videos] you’re demonstrating your expertise so that people don’t even have to be told.”

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