Frequently Asked Questions: Coming Soon Status

Who can see listings in Coming Soon status? 

Listings in Coming Soon status are visible to all REcolorado subscribers. You can view Coming Soon listings in your REcolorado Matrix Market Watch Widget and HotSheets. Coming Soon status is also included in all search forms. Coming Soon listings are visible to brokers through REcolorado Matrix or the REcolorado App, and visible to consumers when a broker shares the listing through the REcolorado Matrix Client Portal or the REcolorado App. 

Can I share Coming Soon Listings with my clients? 

Yes. You can share Coming Soon listings with your clients using a direct email from REcolorado Matrix or the REcolorado App. You can also include Coming Soon listings in auto emails to your clients. Your client can view Coming Soon listings that you sent in either direct or auto emails in their Client Portal and those you’ve shared in the REcolorado App. Listings in Coming Soon status are also searchable in the Client Portal and the REcolorado App. 

Are Listings in Coming Soon Status available on syndication portals or IDX sites? 

Listings in Coming Soon status are not distributed broadly in data feeds or syndicated feeds. Coming Soon listings are also not available on syndication portals or IDX websites. A single office or brokerage may display their own Coming Soon listings on their Virtual Office Websites (VOWs) or IDX site.

How long can a listing stay in Coming Soon status? 

According to policy, a listing can be in in Coming Soon status for up to seven (7) days. 

What happens to my listing in the Coming Soon status? 

Days in MLS (DIM) does not accumulate while a listing is in Coming Soon status. Listings can manually be changed to Active before the Coming Soon period ends.  

What happens to my listing when the Coming Soon period has ended? 

After the Coming Soon period has been reached, REcolorado Matrix will automatically move your listing to Active and the DIM will begin. You can use the Expected Active Date to schedule when your listing should move from Coming Soon to Active status. The Expected Active Date must be within seven (7) days from when the listing was submitted in Coming Soon status. For more information about REcolorado Matrix statuses, please reference the ABCs of Matrix Statuses

What if my listing isn’t ready for showings at the end of the Coming Soon period?  

If your listing is not ready for showings at the end of the Coming Soon period, you have two options. 1) You can let REcolorado Matrix move the listing to Active and then update the listing with the date the property will be ready for showings by completing the No Showings Until field. Or, 2) you can change the listing’s status to Withdrawn, which means there is still a valid listing agreement in place and marketing can continue, but there will be no showings until the listing is moved to Active status.  

What is Withdrawn status? 

When a listing is in Withdrawn status, it has a valid listing contract, but is temporarily not accepting showings. A For Sale sign can be in the yard and all marketing can continue. Days in MLS (DIM) pauses, and the listing is not included in data feeds. There are various reasons listings are in Withdrawn status including social distancing, the holidays, waiting for marketing material, completing property improvements, etc. For more information about REcolorado Matrix statuses, please reference the ABCs of Matrix Statuses

Can I conduct showings if my listing is in Coming Soon status? 

Showings of any kind are not permitted while a listing is in Coming Soon status. A listing must be in Active status in REcolorado Matrix before showings are held. This includes broker showings, virtual showings, open houses, and virtual open houses.  

If you have any questions about Clear Cooperation or Coming Soon status, please feel free to reach out to REcolorado Customer Care at or 303.850.9576, option 1.