5 Client Portal Map Perks That’ll Wow Your Clients

The Matrix Client Portal is a convenient way for you to share listings and/or public records with your clients and it also helps you easily stay in touch with them during their home search.

The Client Portal includes several helpful tools for your clients, including the ability to set up their own searches, as well as the ability to manipulate the map to get good intel about neighborhoods and surrounding areas. Making sure your clients know about these features can help you showcase your value.

Pro Tip: Your clients can save up to five of their own searches in their Client Portal. Be sure to view the searches your client has set up because it may give you good intel. For example, if your client told you they must live in a specific area, but they’ve also set up a search for a different area, it may indicate that they’re willing to expand their search.

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Search by Drive Time

The Drive Time button in the right-hand corner of the map, powered by INRIX Drive Time™, allows your client to search for a home based on commute time to or from a specific location at a specific time. For example, maybe your client wants to search by how long it’ll take them to get to work. INXRIX Drive Time can help them find homes that match their needs.

View Nearby Points of Interest

When your client is browsing for homes, there are 13 different Points of Interest map layers that they can view, including Education (nearby schools), Food and Dining, or Transportation. The client can zoom in to the map to edit the filters.

View Boundaries

If your client is interested in viewing certain boundaries, such as school districts or flood zones, they can choose to display those on the map. This can help them eliminate any homes that are or aren’t within a specific area.

Draw a Shape

Your client can use the Draw tool if they want to draw their own shape on the Client Portal map. This allows them to view only properties in a certain area. They’ll want to select the Draw tool, and then simply draw any shape they want anywhere on the map. This will automatically zoom them in to their shape, so they can easily start looking for homes in that area.

Use the Notes Section

Your client can leave you notes on a listing to let you know things they like or dislike about the home. To leave a note, they can click on the property and start typing in the ‘Notes for you and your agent’ box. 

Pro Tip: Be sure to set up your Activity Notifications so you’re alerted via text and/or email when your client adds a new note.