Create Client Confidence With Clean Communication

Consistent, relevant, and timely communication is essential for winning new business and keeping it long term. We’ve briefly outlined a few key things to note before, during, and after the sale, but if you want to learn everything there is to know about how to effectively communicate with your clients using REcolorado’s Matrix MLS, be sure to take our Matrix: Communication Tools training class offered at locations across the Front Range.

Matrix: Communication Tools (2 CE)
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Generating Business

A steady paycheck is the name of the game. Use these tips and tools to market your business so you can win new clients.

Pro Tip: We’ll help you learn to use the tools below in our training class Farming: How Your REcolorado Tools Enable You to Identify, Maintain, and Profit From a Farm (2 CE). See upcoming class dates and times >>  

Share and Homesnap with Your Contacts and Homesnap aren’t pay-to-play search sites like most of those other national portals are. This means you can feel good about sending your clients a link to your webpage and explaining that they should use to search for homes. Additionally, Homesnap—our mobile app that you can customize with your branding—is great for your contacts to use while on the go.


Remine’s interactive map and data-based filters, like Ownership Time and Sell Score, can help you spot potential inventory opportunities, so you can market your business efficiently and effectively. Learn more >>

During the Buying and Selling Process

Buyer’s Agent

REcolorado’s Matrix MLS and the Client Portal provide you everything you need to stay in touch with your clients during their home search. First, make sure your branding is on point. Then, be sure your clients understand how to use their Client Portal, tell them about the awesome map perks, and review how to track their home search progress so you can plan out your communications accordingly.

Listing Agent

In addition to providing you valuable intel to make informed updates to your listings, Listing Metrics—which is available to you from your CONNECT dashboard at no additional cost—can help you keep your seller in the loop on the interest their property is receiving online. Learn more >>

“Baby Come Back”

Looking for an easy way to stay in touch with your buyers and sellers after you’ve closed the transaction? Check out the tools below, both of which can help you continue the conversation and stay top of mind for months or years to come without creating a ton of work for you.


ePropertyWatch is valuable because it’s available right from your CONNECT dashboard and doesn’t cost you anything extra to use. Simply upload contact information and property addresses or import contacts directly from Matrix. Those contacts will receive personalized monthly emails about their property that include indicators like estimated value, estimated equity, and nearby real estate activity.


If you have a bit of a budget and you’re looking for a trusted marketing email tool with some additional benefits, we recommend checking out our affiliate partner, Homebot.