Colorado Association of Realtors Hosts Its Annual Spring Conference

In addition to conducting standard association and industry business at this year’s Spring Conference, Colorado Association of Realtors (CAR) featured a Leadership Summit that provided extra opportunities for association leaders. High-energy, witty, inspirational speakers wound through an itinerary focused on industry hacks, cultivating relationships, and the importance of pursuing personal happiness.


Attendees enjoyed speaker Scott Peterson, General Counsel. Scott advises the CAR Board of Directors, Leadership Council and CAR Staff on legal matters related to the Association’s business. During his time on stage, he provided a legal perspective on several hot topics, including the following:


Love letters are a thing. Buyers will attempt to sway sellers to choose their offer by providing a well-written letter. However, be wary of the information you let your clients supply. It could lead to a Fair Housing issue if the seller picks a buyer based on protected personal information (creed, religion, sexual orientation, etc.).


Disclose any in-home recording devices to buyers. Many homes have cameras or recording devices set up, and it’s best for a listing agent to disclose this information in the broker remarks section of the listing. A note on the door during showings might also be a good idea. The buyer’s agent would probably want to wait until they leave the home to discuss details and the buyer’s interest or offer.


And, of course, keynote speaker Craig Zablocki was a fan favorite. Described as a compelling combination of actor Robin Williams and PBS host Wayne Dyer, Craig is in the top two percent of America’s most recognized speakers. His unique blend of humor and authenticity has encouraged and inspired thousands. Key takeaways from his speech are as follows:


Don’t take yourself too seriously. Simply put, it takes up energy you could be using for happiness. On average, children laugh 250+ times a day. For adults, that number decreases to seven. Be willing to live and smile. It’s contagious and will spread through your office and to other agents.


Leaders give their best each moment. Leadership is about seeing and seizing opportunities. And as a leader, your purpose must be larger than your personality. Drop your guard a bit, remove your ego, listen and engage.