Earn More Referrals By Building Your Brand in 5 Easy Steps

When someone says “branding,” your mind might go straight to your logo. But the truth is, your brand is so much more than that. It’s your entire service experience, from the first interaction all the way to closing day. And it’s what helps set you apart from your competition and stay top of mind, which can win you more referrals. So, what steps are you taking to ensure your brand is top notch? We recommend starting with these five things:

Step 1: Personalize Matrix

One of the many benefits of Matrix is that you can customize the header and footer on your printed displays and reports, as well as in your Client Portal. If you’re a new agent, we recommend doing this right out of the gate, and if you’re a seasoned agent, you might want to refresh things occasionally.

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Step 2: Claim Your REcolorado.com Webpage

When you enter a listing into REcolorado, it displays on REcolorado.com—our public-facing home search site that receives two million visitors per month. Visitors to your listing can clearly see you are the listing agent and can click your name to view your personal webpage. Be sure to add branding elements, like your photo and market expertise, to your webpage so consumers can easily learn more about you. Claim Your Webpage >>

Step 3: Learn About the Market, Start Conversations

As a real estate professional, consumers consider you a local market expert. That means it’s important for you to stay on top of current market trends. But you don’t always have to wait until someone starts a conversation with you. When you know the market, you can strike up informative conversations with your prospects, which helps you strengthen your brand. Through your REcolorado subscription, you have access to a variety of tools that help you showcase your local market expertise. Register for and attend our Market Intel training class linked below to learn more.

Additionally, we produce and publish a monthly market report that you can share on your blog and social media channels to use as a conversation starter. A new report is added to this blog in the Stats and News tab at the beginning of each month, and we also publish consumer-friendly versions on the Colorado Home Blog.

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Step 4: Farm Your Market Area

The term “farm” or “farming” means the work you’re doing to drum up business in a certain area, such as sending out mailers or going door to door to introduce yourself. Farming can be an effective tactic to help you build brand awareness. There are several tools included with your REcolorado subscription that can help you identify an area to farm and help support you during your interactions with prospective clients.

Video: How to Establish Yourself as a Local Market Expert >>

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Step 5: Up Your Social Media Game

Social media is a great way to connect with prospective clients. Plus, the sky is the limit when it comes to content. Share short videos about the market, go “live” in front of your open house, or share informative articles about how the home buying and selling process works. If you’re in need of free curated content, you can share any of the articles on Colorado Home Blog. We update the blog weekly, so you always have fresh content to share with your sphere.

Additionally, if you have an active listing you’ve entered into Matrix, it’s also on REcolorado.com where it’s easy to share it on social media. Then, when consumers click the post, they’ll be able to view the listing along with your business info and can also click a link to view your personal REcolorado.com webpage.