BrokerBay Phased Onboarding

Because REcolorado is such a large MLS, serving more than 27,000 real estate professionals across the state, BrokerBay is using a phased launch to ensure a smooth onboarding process for all customers.

Why can I see the BrokerBay Button in REcolorado Matrix, even though I haven’t onboarded?

Select offices began the onboarding process in December. All REcolorado customers can now see the BrokerBay button in REcolorado Matrix on listings configured with BrokerBay. Using this button, you can easily schedule a showing through listings set up in BrokerBay.

How will I be notified that I am ready to onboard my office?

Early next year, all managing brokers and participants will be invited to onboard at the office level.

If you are a managing broker, look for an invitation from BrokerBay early next year.  Onboarding at the office level allows you to set up admin access, teams, and more to work collaboratively in BrokerBay. Once the onboarding portal is open, managing brokers will be able to use the BrokerBay button on their CONNECT dashboard to begin the onboarding process. Watch your inbox for more details from your REcolorado Business Relationship Manager early next year.

If you are an individual agent, ask your managing broker if they will launch BrokerBay at the office level. Your managing broker can provide details about training, launch dates, and more during the onboarding process. Even if your managing broker does not set up BrokerBay at the office level, you’ll have the option to use BrokerBay for your listings. See the next section for additional details.

As an individual agent, when will I get access to BrokerBay for my Listings?

Early next year, a new Showing Service field will be available to all REcolorado subscribers, giving you the option to use BrokerBay or ShowingTime for showing management services. Listing agents will be able to use this field to indicate which showing management service they are using for each listing. Based on the listing agent’s selection, the appropriate icon will display and link to the showing service. More information will be available early next year – stay tuned!

What if I need help using BrokerBay?

BrokerBay is here to help! You can reach them at with questions about scheduling showings, configuring listings, and more.