BrokerBay Optional Live Appointment Desk

REcolorado customers have access to the BrokerBay showing management ecosystem to manage showings through REcolorado Matrix, via the online platform, and from the mobile app – included in your REcolorado subscription at no additional cost. BrokerBay is user-friendly and intuitive, with a robust agent dashboard to let you work efficiently and a powerful app to manage showings on the go.

Some brokers may wish to use the optional Live Appointment Desk, available through BrokerBay at competitive pricing, which allows brokers to call a phone number to schedule showings.

How does the Live Appointment Desk work?

When an individual broker or office signs up for the BrokerBay Live Appointment Desk, you’ll receive a phone number to include with listing showing details. You and other brokers can call this number to schedule, modify, and cancel showing appointments via phone.

Who Do I Call?

REcolorado customers can call REcolorado Customer Care for live support using BrokerBay, regardless of whether you’ve subscribed to the BrokerBay Live Appointment Desk. The chart below can help you know who to call in different situations.

REcolorado Customer CareBrokerBay Live Appointment Desk
Question about using BrokerBay✔❌
BrokerBay Mobile App Support✔❌
BrokerBay Training Registration✔❌
Scheduling or Modifying a Showing by Phone❌✔

Can my entire office use the Live Appointment Desk?

BrokerBay is available for brokerages at the competitive price of $8 per active listing per month. Managing brokers can sign up for the Live Appointment Desk the entire office directly through BrokerBay. Individual agents can choose to turn off the appointment desk service at the listing level if they or their client want to manage showings using only the mobile app and BrokerBay site.

What if my Brokerage Doesn’t sign up?

Brokers can easily schedule appointments online without the Live Appointment Desk. BrokerBay is accessible from your CONNECT dashboard and you can schedule showings directly from REcolorado Matrix and the REcolorado App. Plus, the BrokerBay mobile app allows you to manage and request showings on the go.

Individual brokers can sign up for the Live Appointment Desk directly through BrokerBay, even if your brokerage does not, for $20 per month. If your brokerage signs up later, you will not be charged a monthly fee.

How do I sign up?

If you’re interested in using the BrokerBay Live Appointment Desk, first let your managing broker know you want to use BrokerBay. They can submit information to register your office in advance and ensure you’re on the onboarding list for BrokerBay. You’ll have the option to subscribe to the BrokerBay Live Appointment Desk during the onboarding process. If you want to add it later, you can manage your account with BrokerBay to add the Live Appointment Desk service.