BrokerBay Feedback Automation

REcolorado Showing Management, powered by BrokerBay, now gives you the ability to automate the delivery of feedback directly to your clients as it is added to your listings. Many early BrokerBay users requested an automated way to share listing feedback with clients, and we’re pleased to announce that this feature is now available.

Here are the three ways you can automate listing feedback within REcolorado Showing Management, powered by BrokerBay.

  1. Automatic Global Feedback
    Use this option if you would like to have all feedback on existing and new listings automatically sent to your sellers. When you use this option, you will not need to pre-screen any feedback from other brokers.

    Set-Up Process: Go to your Account Settings in the top right of your screen, click on Listing Settings, and then, under Feedback Collection, turn the Automatic Feedback toggle button on.

    Note: Be sure to turn this default setting off in your account settings if you would prefer to send individual or edited feedback to your sellers.
  2. Automatic Listing Level Feedback
    Use this option if you would like to select who will receive feedback on an individual listing. You can select yourself, other brokers, sellers, tenants, etc.

    Set-Up Process: Access one of your individual listings, click on the Feedback Tab, click on Feedback Settings, scroll down to Notification Settings, and select the contacts who should receive feedback.
  3. Individual Feedback Communications
    If you have automatic feedback turned off at both the global level and listing level, you can still share feedback with your clients. When you receive listing feedback via email or mobile app notification, click the blue Manage Feedback button at the bottom of the communication. When you click the button, it will open a window that allows you to edit the feedback and send it to your seller. This is a great option if you want to screen feedback messages before they are sent to your seller.

No matter which feedback option you choose, your clients will not see who the showing agent is and will not have direct contact with any showing agents. They will only be able to see their address, the date and time of the showing, and the feedback responses.

Questions? Reach out to BrokerBay for complimentary support using the BrokerBay Help Desk – – or the BrokerBay Scheduling Center – 888.808.0331.

You can also contact our Customer Care Team six days per week at 303.850.9576, option 1, or