BrokerBay: Are you Fast Enough?

Real estate moves fast. In a hurry kinda fast. Finding homes, showing homes fast.

Meet your new match, fast just like you. Can you keep up?

This is BrokerBay.

Ready? Search listings and book in one sec.

On your MLS? One click.

And tours? Yep. Pick times and book them.

Get directions on the go.

What about lock boxes? Oh, easy.

Share your tours with anyone and take tours virtually.

Yep. That’s a lot of power. And that’s not all.

Ready? Just don’t hold your breath.

It’s also super fast for managing listings. Configure your showing settings, easy. Done. Auto confirm, accept, deny, suggest time. Simple.

And we have a few more things. Like answering services and seller dashboards. Chat with any agent. Yes, yes, yes.

Ah, we’re out of time. Maybe we weren’t fast enough. The question is: are you?

BrokerBay. The future of real estate. Provided by REcolorado.