BrokerBay Enhancements

BrokerBay and REcolorado are committed to making their showing solution the best it can be for you. Since we launched the system, we’ve been gathering your feedback and sharing your suggestions with the BrokerBay team. BrokerBay has been working hard to make adjustments and improvements based on that feedback and have come a long way in the last couple weeks. Some enhancements have been completed, while others are still in the works.

Here are some of the issues which have already been resolved:

  1. Listings immediately configurable with SentriLock
    You can now save SentriLock lock boxes to incomplete listings in BrokerBay, which will automatically assign the lock box to the listing in SentriLock once the listing becomes Active.
  2. Team members have the ability to assign lockboxes
  3. Automated and improved seller feedback
  4. BrokerBay phone support
    BrokerBay has onboarded additional support staff dedicated to serving REcolorado customers. They are going through extensive training to ensure they can provide quality support by phone to every REcolorado customer. We’ve also negotiated an improved escalation procedure, so serious issues are given the priority focus they need for speedy resolution.

Here’s a preview of some additional enhancements coming soon:

  1. Ability to set limits on the number of overlapping showings
  2. Admin ability to set showings through REcolorado Matrix
  3. Survey templates for requesting feedback

BrokerBay is continually looking for opportunities to enhance the showing management experience further. These items are on the roadmap for future enhancements:

  1. Agent verification and day codes
  2. Showing metrics
  3. Scheduling multiple showings at once through REcolorado Matrix

We will continue working hard with BrokerBay to enhance your showing experience and ensure that it meets your needs and expectations.

Thank you for providing us with your suggestions and observations – they have been invaluable during this process. If you would like to provide additional feedback as you use the platform, please feel free to contact